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Canadians Smoke Marijuana Legally

Canadians Smoke Marijuana Legally

December 16, 2018

October 17, 2018 was a day that will be etched in history. That was the day that Canada became the first country outside of Europe to legalize marijuana for recreational use. It may be a surprise to some of the world, but it is very much in keeping with the social legacy that Canada has  [Read More]

Smoking Joints vs Distillate Concentrate Pens

Smoking Joints vs Distillate Concentrate Pens: Find Your preference

December 5, 2018

Now that it is legal, maybe you are ready to try the substance that has been so taboo for so long, even if you never have before. Now you want to know what the fuss has been about? You saw it at parties and you smell it when you walk home on a Friday night.   [Read More]