Benefits of CBD for Women

May 8, 2018

CBD is one of the chemical components of marijuana. It’s primary function is to offer the medicinal benefits, while the other active chemical, THC, offers psychoactive effects. In order to gain the medicinal benefits, you can buy marijuana products and strains that have high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. We know that CBD is a hugely beneficial for many issues and in today’s post we would like to focus on the advantages it has for women.

Pain Relief

Unfortunately, women can suffer from many chronic conditions that can leave them in pain. These can include bad menstrual cramps, endometriosis, and PCOS. A benefit of CBD for women is that it has been proven to offer pain relief and can also provide anti-inflammatory properties, which will also help ease the symptoms.

Mood Swing Stabilization

Hormones found in women’s bodies can often lead to mood swings. These can be difficult to deal with and can also have an effect onrelationships, as the moods can become hard to predict. One of the benefits of CBD for women is that it can offer mood stabilization. This effect will even continue after consuming CBD, making life a little bit more pleasant in general.

Beauty & Skincare

CBD or hemp oil has been proven to care for skin, which is a bonus benefit of CBD for women. It is increasingly being used in beauty and skincare products,due to the effect it has on the body’s largest organ. Consuming CBD in general is good for overall health, and when the body is healthy on the inside, it tends to show up on the outside with glowing skin.


Unfortunately, there is still some stigma associated with marijuana, even when it is used for medical purposes. Women, in particular, can feel somewhat self-conscious when using it. Another of the benefits of CBD for women is that it can be very discreet. CBD can be consumed as an oil, in edibles, or even used topically. The effects that CBD has are not psychoactive, so women do not need to worry about appearing ‘stoned’ after consuming it. CBD can also be bought online from our Pacific West Bud e-commerce store, meaning women do not have to visit a dispensary, if they are concerned about being seen buying marijuana.

Women everywhere should open themselves up to the benefits of CBD and start enjoying the physical, mental and beauty benefits of it.