Five Reasons to Choose Edibles

August 12, 2018
Five Reasons to Choose Edibles

As Canada moves towards completely legalizing marijuana, more people are looking into sourcing and consuming the product. Today we are going to look at edibles as a way to consume marijuana. You can buy edibles online with Pacific West Bud and we have noticed that they are some of our most popular products with customers.

In short, when you buy edibles online, you are buying a food product that has been infused with marijuana. Many people use them in combination with consuming the plant in other ways, while some use edibles alone.

Why Choose Edibles?

The ‘High’ is More Mellow

For many, edibles are preferential because the psychoactive effects are more mellow. The cannabis compounds are released more slowly, via the stomach, and some find this an easier way to manage a high and experience it in a very pleasant manner. First time users are sometimes encouraged to try edibles due to this fact.

There is No Smoking Involved

While smoking cannabis is better than smoking tobacco, smoke is still being inhaled. With edibles, there is none of this, which is why it can sometimes be preferable to eat marijuana. It is also a more accessible way to consume the flower, as not everybody can smoke,and it is very discreet, which is why marijuana advocates and activists are firmly in the edibles camp.

They Are Delicious

When you buy edibles online from Pacific West Bud, you will be sure to enjoy it. We only sell the best quality products and have taste tested them ourselves to ensure that this is the case. Depending on what you buy, you may taste a marijuana flavour, or you may not be able to detect it at all. Choose whatever your preference is, but be prepared to be blown away by the taste.

You Have So Many Options

Just like smoking different types of marijuana, you have so many options when you buy edibles online, or even make them yourself. Cannabis can be incorporated into almost any food you can cook or bake, which is why we have such a wide variety of products available to our customers. From yummy cookies, to cute candies, to tempting teas, you will be sure to find something you enjoy eating or drinking in our catalogue.

You Can Buy Edibles Online

Finally, another reason people love edibles is that you can buy them online. You don’t need to spend hours slaving over the stove in order to create something delicious with all the health and relaxation benefits of marijuana. Being able to buy edibles online means that we do the hard work for you by bringing the best edibles to your attention. Once you choose what you want and complete the easy online payment process, we can deliver them directly to the address of your choice within Canada. We know that discretion is important to our customers and we use plain packaging, so the contents will not be known. All that’s left for you to do is to unpack and enjoy the edibles inside.