Smoking Joints vs Distillate Concentrate Pens: Find Your preference

December 5, 2018
Smoking Joints vs Distillate Concentrate Pens

Now that it is legal, maybe you are ready to try the substance that has been so taboo for so long, even if you never have before. Now you want to know what the fuss has been about? You saw it at parties and you smell it when you walk home on a Friday night.  If you have lived in a world where marijuana has never really been a part of your social vocabulary, then it can be daunting to find out where to get weed and how to smoke it. There seem to be more ways to ingest marijuana than there are ways to make eggs for breakfast. Throw in the new technology of vaping and now you can take in the wacky weed via electronic devices? What a world we live in!

Let us try to demystify the whole process. It is a natural substance, it is a legal natural substance, and you can now try it to find out if you like it. But before you dive in, let us talk about smoking joints vs distillate concentrate pens. The most old-fashioned way of smoking versus the most modern way of inhaling.


In its most simplistic form a joint is rolling paper and marijuana. Pure, simple, and uncomplicated. The trick is to make sure you use the best quality papers and the best quality weed. When you roll it yourself, you are in control and you can make sure the joint is exactly what you want it to be. If you smoke tobacco, you can ease your way into the process of taking in weed by rolling the weed into a cigar. You can also roll it in tobacco papers for a smoother transition. Also, if you do not smoke cigarettes or cigars, this is not a great way to start smoking weed, because you will also be taking nicotine in with your weed. This also means you will have to learn how to roll joints and that can be a very tricky thing for newcomers. It might take time, but the better you get at rolling, the better your smoking experience will be.

Distillate Concentrate Pens:

The way of the future; it is the modern choice in the smoking joints vs distillate concentrate pens debate. I am sure you have seen them, and you can be sure that it is still smoking weed, but without the need to inhale smoke. It is a liquid that comes from separating the compounds of cannabis. You put a vial of it in a pen and you can feel the effects immediately. It can be flavourless and odorless and it is pure. This is an excellent way to take in cannabis without worrying about all the bad things that go along smoking. It is also convenient, as there is no rolling involved.

If you still think you need some information on what would be best for you when it comes to smoking joints vs distillate concentrate pens, Pacific West Bud is staffed with professionals who can help you decide.