Are you looking for a discreet option for enjoying the therapeutic benefits of cannabis? With cannabis topicals there is no smoke, and no cannabis odor or flavor, just the incredible beneficial influences of cannabis.

You don’t have to get high for cannabis to help you with many medical and physical issues. Our therapeutic oils, balms, and lotions deliver the active ingredients of cannabis right through your skin to the affected area, providing relief from many ailments, including pain and inflammation.

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DELUSH – CBD Hemp Body Lotion (300mg)

From $35.00

DELUSH – CBD Magic Stick (300mg)

From $35.00

DELUSH – CBD Sweet Heart Bath Bomb (75mg)

From $15.00

DELUSH – CBD Whipped Body Butter (300mg)

From $35.00

FLEURS CBD Topical Roll On

From $30.00

MISS ENVY Massage Oil (420mg)

From $45.00

MISS ENVY Personal Lubricant (420mg)

From $60.00