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CBD 0%


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The Sherbet strain boasts an 85% indica, 15% sativa ratio—officially an INDICA DOMINANT HYBRID.  Fans of the popular Girls Scout Cookies should consider giving Sherbet a try. While Sherbet is not as popular, it is derived from the Girl Scout Cookies strain and is said to taste as good and be as effective as its parent.

The other parent to the Sherbet strain is the scandalously named Pink Panties strain. While not much is really known about the Pink Panties strain, it is classified as a cannabis indica, and it is thought to be a relative to Blackberry Kush.

Sherbet strains are pretty potent having an 18-23% THC content. This strain is said to produce a long-lasting and strong high.

As soon as you crack open a jar of these buds, you will understand why it is continuing to grow in popularity—and why its name is Sherbet. Its smell can be overpowering—in a good way. And, as soon as you have smelled it, you will know you are in for a treat.

Much like the classic sherbet you enjoy, the Sherbet marijuana strain tastes sweet and fruity. Its fruity tastes fall under the categories of berry and citrus. Many say it also produces a natural earthy flavor but with no bitter undertones. Reviewers often say the earthy taste is almost nutty and is overall similar to a pistachio ice-cream.

The Sherbet strain may look like a classic cannabis bud at first, but you may notice it actually has bright orange, yellow, or neon green colors blended throughout. This marijuana is also typically going to be thickly coated with crystalline trichomes that will make it glisten beautifully under the light.

You may be surprised when you find out this strain has such a heavy ratio of indica in its genetics because its effects are very sativa-like. It is said to produce heavy psychoactive effects that promote motivation, inspiration, and creativity.


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