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White Zombie AAAA (HYBRID) ON SALE $119oz


THC 15% to 18%

CBD 0%


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White Zombie is a almost 50/50 balanced hyrbid. Unfortunately the origin of this delicious strain is unknown. What is known is the potency which averags between 15% to 18%. Not high comparable to other strains but the effects are long lasting.  The White Zombie high is euphoric and nearly instantaneous, with a wave of  a cerebral rush that will come over you, your limbs will tingle, and your body will go completely energetic.There has also been reports of arousal,  If you are one of the lucky ones who is aroused at this phase, be aware that it could last for hours. A joyful feeling of uplifting creativity rolls throughout the high and gives you the urge to get to work with your hands. Once the energy begins to fade, you’ll find yourself in a state of almost complete sedation. Now would be a good time to grab a pillow and a movie, because you’ll be here a while. A great strain to try out if you struggle with fatigue, depression, or other health issues that cause low energy and sluggishness. However, because of the hard comedown, it is also good for those who suffer from mild cases of insomnia. This sedative period is also beneficial to patients with chronic pain, headaches, bipolar, and anxiety. Be aware that in excess this strain tends to be psychoactive and can cause paranoia if used irresponsibly.

White Zombie nugs are forest green, spade-shaped that gives off a sweet and woody aroma and are covered in fiery orange hairs and milky white trichomes. The flavor profile is sweet, nutty, and buttery, and paired with the sticky resin layer on each nug, it is reminiscent of pancakes and syrup at a cozy cabin in the woods. White Zombie is a energetic yet clming high, making it great for a afternoon or late evening high.


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